Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Ultimate Find of My Collecting Career! Okay, I'm Done!

I can't contain myself, this is like winning the Lotto for me and we don't even have lotteries here on Guam!! LOL

This has been a year of many blessings, even with some of the hardships, as of late. I can finally say, I'm done. Let's pack it up and call it a Lifetime! Haha. Maybe not. I have searched the internet for about 17 years for amazing and unique or rare dolls and toys, with about 5 years of searching via magazine and mail orders, prior to the internet. But, this one particular item has eluded me all these years, until last weekend!

What is the item already?! Right? Well, of course with all things we need to start at the beginning...
So, here we go, when, I started to search for vintage Japan dolls and toys back in 2000, while searching for a Mattel Francie doll made in Japan. I fell in love with many of the vintage dolls and toys showcased on Yu's Cuties, website. Then, later while bidding on Yahoo Japan auctions and finding many of those very same dolls and toys, I started to find manga doll and toy ads. Similar to the one below...
Just like many of the comic books for kids and teens, there had ads like these that showcased the latest toys an cool things you could buy through mail order via the manga you were reading. Same in the United States at the time. Sadly, on Guam, because we were considered outside of the Continental USA we couldn't order anything, darn. Oh well. Okay, back to the ad above, if you look closely, Yes, it showcases beautiful elaborate pose dolls, a ring and music box playing bells, etc. Wait, what is that? Look at that little television set in red...
 Just like the Janica Television sets here, that I collected. I was determined to find this particular TV set. In all my years of collecting and searching for Japan made vintage dolls and toys, this one escapes me. I wondered if it was a music box or a real television set? Does it plug in or do you put batteries in, and watch your favorite cartoon when you turn it to your favorite channel? Did they only come with the Disney Bambi image or was there other Disney related movies on it? Did this thing actually exist or was it just one of those toys showcased, but never released. All these questions and still no physical evidence found...

The closest possible thing, was a photo on a Japanese collectors blog of a red TV set, with no picture on the front, but, it was such a small photo, and when I tried to enlarge it, it got too pixelated to even see any closer. Then, years later nothing else...Until last weekend, while doing my usual searches, this shows up for auction. Oh my gosh, yup, I was floored. Finally, after all this time. It did exist!! I tried to contain my elation, so I bidded on it, a 3 day auction. It was quite nerve racking, and I could have sworn, I'd lose. But, to my surprise, I won and was the lone bidder! What? No way?! Yup. I guess no one else was looking for this baby, like I was. Hehe. It's all good. Now onto this ultimate find for me...

It arrived to me Saturday, in a small box in my HC mail, no letters, etc. As soon as Taby came back to the car with it, I knew it was the TV. I waited until we got home and opened the box up. Inside, there it was... a lot smaller then I expected, but still amazing. After removing all the bubble wrap. Here it is, I took photos of the front, the back side, the top and even bottom. Ha.
 The Bambi photo on the tube is a lenticular card, yes of Disney's Bambi move, a scene that is popular with Thumper looking at Bambi as a butterfly lands on his tail, Bambi in awe, of the world as he learns about his surroundings. A classic for sure! There are four knobs, from right to left, one large one made to look like the channel switch with numbers "1-12", a "Volume" knob, "ON-OFF" knob, and last, "Tuning" knob. The on-off switch seems to be in an awkward spot, at least to me. LOL
 The top has a handle for easy carry, and on the back side, you see a worn type stopper, Yup, it's a coin bank too! Haha. Neat. It will be hard to open, but I'm sure I can try... At the top, is the slot for the coins. It still has its original sticker at the back.
 Underneath, a bit of a scratch, but for its age, not bad and I'm glad it doesn't have any major damages on it. Sadly, the Bambi lenticular is faded. Still, amazing how it survived this long. Probably 1960s judging from the manga ad. Maybe even late 1950s.
 As I inspected it, I wondered how the music plays as the seller mentioned it was a music box too. Hhm, I turned the on-off switch and sure enough the music began to play, sadly, not one that I recognize, maybe you will? Upon more inspection of the TV, the large channel knob winds, for the music box to play. The on-off knob allows the music to play or stop. The tuning and volume knobs are just decoys and don't really serve any purpose except to make the TV look like a TV.
 A closer look at the Bambi lenticular. I did try to open up the back side to see if I could change out the lenticular, but couldn't do it without breaking plastic. Oh well. There is one long screw missing at the back, that I will have to try to find a replacement for, someday...
Just amazing. I will definitely be putting up the white Janica Jewelry box TV for sale in my shop later this week. I think its time for someone else to enjoy its beauty.

It's been great finding rare things and collecting, but, it may be time for me to let the young collectors take over now.

With that being said... Be sure to visit my shop. I will definitely be letting go a few of my treasured finds.

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

The Bambi Television set Music: