Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The End of One Journey, Now Onto The Next!

Looking back at my collecting journey, there are a total of 27 years of searches, finds, discoveries, and purchases, that have made this experience an amazing one. I do hope to continue... perhaps someday. It is time, that I let a new generation of kitsch lovers and collectors take over...

Why, you ask? Well, mostly for a personal one, and I will leave it at that. I will be selling off many of my beloved treasures the next few days or so. So, be sure to check my Etsy shop often. Yes, I know I've said that before and posted on this before, but as you can already see on my Facebook shop page and on Etsy, I've listed some of my personal collection, I had never planned on letting go before, and more will be listed soon!

It has been a pleasure learning, growing and meeting most of you online, who have become dear friends to me, as well. Hey, who knows, I may be back... So for now, Keep collecting, Keep restoring, and above all, be Kind to one another. - "peace out!" - Gigi/ggsdolls

Just a few last minute finds online, that I will also eventually add to my shop as well!
 I've already listed this cute pup couple figurine, I got from Japan recently. I added some bows to them and I hope they get adopted. Then, I recently found a lot of goodies via CrankyCakesShop on Etsy and couldn't help but purchase these goods. Vtg. Girl toy kitchen set, mostly because of the tiny canisters! They are Glico toys, but placed in this set. I've always tried to get them as Glico, and here they were just in this toy set. Haha! The wind up bunbun, a bit scary but also cute! And some plastic bunny faces, just because, I can! Ha!

 Fabric pumpkins for my decor from Etsy. Since we don't get fall leaves necessarily on Guam, might as well, make it feel like fall in the house! I also was able to snag two of these cuties from "britecoolvintage" on instagram. They are cute duck roly poly flocked dolls, for Valentine's perhaps. Made by Forsum with their original tags too. I love their eyelashes. They are quite unique. Thanks again dear, and for the cute extras! I also got a few dolly items for my Walker doll from Ebay. A gray tweed coat dress, and a bonnet. A striped coat, but sadly she doesn't fit, so I'm sure it will fit the other sleep eye doll I have in my shop. I will try to take a pic of her in it to add to her listing.

I sold my yellow bear flockie, only to find this lovely blue flocked bunny a week later!! LOL He has a minor ding on his ear, so I added a paper flower and gingham pink bow to him. I was able to find Taby her childhood dollhouse made by Takara for Sweet Nonno. Her expression above, as she took out the furnishings to inspect was priceless!! We had to throw away her first one because it had some slimey gunk on it that was probably happening to the plastic I think? Not sure, but this one didn't have that issue! Yay! Below, a much anticipated set of reproduction fawns by Motherdaughterpyrexer1 on IG. They are just amazing and so worth every penny. If you haven't already seen her share her updates on these cuties, be sure to stop by and snag a set when she is ready to sell!! I've never owned the forward facing fawn and now I do. Thank you Angela!! I love em'!

 A dear friend, was able to help me get this lovely vintage Netta 1980s rubber face bear lamp from Australia. I tried to get the seller to allow me to purchase, but of course, no dice. So, instead I gave my friends addy and she helped me get this cutie. Worth it too, reminds me of the Edward Mobley bears with the yellow or blue tops and sleep eyes. Sweet! Last, I took out a sheer blue dress I had purchased for my Rushton bunny, but couldn't fit, so I tried it on my Walker gal and she fits it! Yay! Also, this 60s mod hot pink coat! I plan on keeping a small few dolls, toys, figurines maybe, or at least try too!

Be sure to stop by my Etsy shop, many of my beloved treasures will be listed the coming days, weeks, etc. or however long it takes for me to get most of it sold!!

Thank you again for the memories, and sharing my love for dolls, toys, kitsch, anime, and Japan!!! I will miss it all!!

Adios ~ ggsdolls

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