Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Newly Re-reroot Kiraz by Nav S.!

I finally decided to have my dear kiraz head re-rerooted. She was actually a redhead before this reroot, but it was my fault, cause the color I chose, was different from what I was seeing on my computer monitor, and I was not happy with my color choice at all. The previous person who did it, did an amazing job though!

But I was not happy with the color I chose, so... with time I finally was brave enough to ask a dear friend, Nav Sikand of Virgin-Archer Studios to re-reroot her, and I was so glad with the process, cause he was very tentative to my needs and checking in with me at every step so that I'd be sure about color and styling etc. I am truly satisfied and more!

Now, I am loving this head even more so than before!! She has become my new fave as of late! Thank you dearest Nav for making my kiraz dream come true!! - ggsdolls

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