Monday, March 14, 2011

New Items added to the Jewelry Shop!

Last week we were trying to travel stateside, but since we were not successful in getting out, I decided to work on a few pieces to add to the jewelry shop. Above a lovely large black cameo with Bear Rock #4 scene. It turned out lovely and I like the colors. Unfortunately, my supplier will not be selling black cameos with the colored sets, So this will end up costing more just to use black-_-;

A commissioned piece, Light blue cameo with Sirena the mermaid statue. The colors too worked out well for this piece. I know my customer will love it!

Sirena cell charm on light blue medium size cameo. I received a new lot of cell charm lanyards with different colors. So, I was able to use this white lanyard and it went well with the colors on the cell charm.

A Lovely Chief Quipua silhouette large light grey cameo necklace also added to the shop. I also had a photograph print for sale and it sold fast! It will be going to a lovely buyer in Colorado!

Then, another style medium size black tone cameo of our local butterfly. I actually got the correct size cabs for these settings and was able to make more of this style cell charms! Most of the items have already been added to the jewelry shop! So check it out! - ggsdolls

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