Thursday, March 3, 2011

Recently Received items from Yahoo JP!

Finally, I have some time to do a quick post of these latest wonderful finds! Above is a cute 1983 Mascot Pet Toy created by a company called, IWAYA Corp. Japan. I thought it was just a cute Shouwa Era Souvenir decor from the 60's, but instead its a cute pet toy! If you turn the base of the bowl the pet fish inside moves his/her mouth, tail and fins! How cute is that?! Too cute. These pets were probably the start for this company, and now they are still making amazing pets! Their mascot pets are similar to Zuzu pets, or Fur Real Pets!

Then, I was able to snag this cute retro dresser, with lovely sandblasted decor sliding doors at the top. I especially love the colors used for each drawer, instead of the same ho hum, the different colors make it look more retro and mod! After seeing this early in February, two others showed up and were snatched up for very high prices too...-_-;

Finally, more of my latest designs for the Gigi's Island Originals shop! I need to make several to have for the upcoming group that will be visiting from Japan! Thanks for reading... - ggsdolls

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