Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Amazing Vintage Postcard from Germany!

Above: My lovely postcard from Ellen! Thank you for being my angel!

My day was made better by this lovely card I received in the mail today! Thank you dear Ellen of alpenfieberblogspot.com! This lovely lady has become my penpal by chance, since I helped her find a lovely vintage tea set from Japan. I was very happy to help her find the set. But I did not realize how amazing our friendship has become until she sent me a gift package of so many lovely goodies from Germany.

Mind you I did not charge her a finders fee or asked her for anything in return, but this amazing person, took the opportunity out of pure kindness to make me a package with so much attention and care put into it. I just feel so touched by her generousity, in a time when money is hard to come by. So, often I have been taught by some of our doll friends in the community that there is so much kindness we have for one another and for the world, but at the same time I can also be reminded that there are many who, we so easily trust and would sell or give our dearest dolls to, that would rather just keep taking from us and could care less if we got anything back in return.

Sad I know but often true. I truly am so blessed to know, and have such an amazing friend in Ellen! She reminds me that their are angels out there...not because she sends me things, but because she is so giving, makes me wanna grow up just to be like her!

Thanks for reading and listening, many of you who are followers have a common love just like Ellen, by just reading my posts, or commenting on something I've written, you too are special people in more ways than you know!! much love, ggsdolls

"Happy Easter to you all and may you all have a special angel to remind you of the gift of giving!"

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  1. Oh Dear, don't know what to say...Thank you so much, you're a sweetheart!!