Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Little Things that Matter...

I recently, received some beads and tiny extras to add to the bungalow. While still waiting for kitchen furniture and other items to arrive. It's been really fun just getting this lovely dollhouse together...keeps my mind off of everything else that's been happening...more on this later! I received the bodo hennig mirror in the mail today and now, my dressing table is complete. It isn't original but works. and looks just divine in the bedroom!

Then, I also received the fluted beads from UK that I bought online, now the living room has a touch of Jonathan Adler style! I had to glue them onto a clear acrylic base to keep them from rolling away! LOL! Doesn't show too much and keeps the beads organized!

Finally, I also received a lovely set of keys on a keyring, Too cute, but I've always remembered while watching "Bewitched" or any good ole' TV shows of the same period, they had a bowl on a similar type of table just next to or close by the door to place your keys in as you walked into the house...ahhhh! The memories of the good old days! - ggsdolls

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