Saturday, April 9, 2011

Long Anticipated Dollhouse from Germany!

Then, finally almost over a month in the Bungalow of Moritz Gottschalk from 1970 Germany arrives! Sadly, damaged a bit, but it arrived...Now, I can see if the Crailsheimer set fits into it!? and sure enough the furniture is perfect in it!! I found the bungalow thru ebay, and the seller was nice and was able to send it to me outside of Germany. Sadly, it took forever and we had a hard time tracking it-_-; The acrylic window was cracked in two places, and the wood that holds the curtain rod, fell off. Not too major, but the acrylic window, was perfect before shipment-_-; Well, here are some pics for now...

The acrylic window above cracked in two areas. and two sets of flowers came out. Still lovely and I just used my tacky glue to keep the pieces from coming out more...

The Crailsheimer set in the living room. I was able to fix the flowers, and clean up the house a bit. Still the set looks nice inside, I didn't have time to put extras in yet, just seeing what it could look like.
The house is amazing still, despite all its flaws. Reminds me of a time gone past, and I wish I could have a house like this in life size scale! LOL!
The front side of the bungalow, you might be able to see the cracks in the windows, I love the doorway and the wall paper in the entrance way. Inside though, the flooring, needs to be redone, and the walls, but still lovely and as my dear friend Nav said, at least I got this house for a lot cheaper than most! So, I can't complain...I am just glad to have this lovely house home... - ggsdolls

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