Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Fun with the Bungalow of Moritz...

I decided to move out the living room set from the other room into this room and place the bedroom set into this room. It actually turned out nicely, and everything was able to fit.

Then, later when it got too dark to take pics, I went ahead and rearranged again and this time I moved the bed set around and took out one of the end tables and now the room looks a bit more decent! Still I had to wait til' it was morning to take better low light photos!

A close up of the television set. See the "Mitsuwa" commercial! LOL!

Then, I decided to add my little resin family to the shoot! Dad looks reluctant to go anywhere, while Mom is ready to leave...

Someone would rather not go, in the photo above. I guess below Mom changed her mind about leaving? - ggsdolls

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