Saturday, April 9, 2011

Skipper dress, Fashions made for Lina, and other things to come!

I decided to get more vintage skipper dresses to see if they will fit Kiraz, and sure enough, this is the second dress I've gotten that fits perfectly on them! I am trying to choose the sheik dresses that look like kiraz could been seen in, I can't wait for the others I found to come in the mail too!

Then, I commissioned a good friend on flickr here to make me this lovely licca style fashion above for my Lina or Adorn dolls! The licca style fashion turned out lovely and looks much better on Lina, and a bit big on the adorn. Still a beautiful fashion made by Jorge. He even made the pattern stripes on the pants above!

He also made this lovely vintage style bathing suit, I showed him a tiny photo of that was in Lina's booklet. I of course have never seen the actual fashion, but for him to make it just like the original was amazing in itself! Jorge you are a miracle worker dear! Continued in the next posting... - ggsdolls

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