Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Amazing Finds via Yahoo Japan!!

My latest box from Japan arrived today. Many items I am just shocked I won and excited to see come in for myself and the shop!!

Truly awesome I must admit! I got the Lunlun bag for a friend, but found out later she didn't want it, so it will be added to the shop. I just went crazy finding and winning these two lovely vintage retro anime girl colored pencil tins! Both at a really amazing price too. Usually, I lose out on them cause they go for really high prices, but this time, I was lucky. I was also very fortunate to find and win a Lot of 5 pencil cases and a memo book! Above, in that lot was the beautiful Pose doll pencil case, the silly cat one, Colleen, Mylene, and the Aim for the Ace one. The memo or schedule book is just below the pose doll case. It's a cute boy memo book with Ryu, The Cave Boy characters on it. Then I also found two cute coin purse wallets with lovely anime girls on it too!

Two amazing starry-eyed anime girls! Both tins have a lot of rust, but still the artwork is amazing!

The backside of the Mylene pencil case left, and the Pose doll pencil on the right. Too cute and I love the plush doggy too!

Some items will be added to the shop, and some are already spoken for. Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. I have a mylene and flowers magnet pencil case.
    Just wondering if you know when it was made, where and how much it might be worth?

    1. HI, sorry for the very later response, I am not getting updates from my blog when people comment...ugh. Okay, depending on the art on the case, it can be between the 1960s or 1970s. Price ranges from $30 up! hugs, gg