Sunday, March 4, 2012

More things to share from Yesterday...

I had so much going on Yesterday that I didn't get a chance to post these pics too! In the mail, I received a lovely new wig for Yuri from dollheart, and I also got two cute soft baby dolls via ebay to add to my baby doll collection! Then, I also wanted to share in detail one of the lovely memo books I got from the recent YJA items I got earlier this week! On to the piccies...

Yuri received the new wig, and new outfits by Wimukt on etsy! I think this wig suits her better!

My soft baby doll collection is growing, I may need to downsize soon!!LOL!

These two cutie pies were on ebay and I tried to offer them to a good friend, but I guess s/h to his country was too much. So, instead I decided if no one else wanted them, I'd go ahead and try. With no other bidders they came to me! Lovely Sekiguchi style eyes rosy cheeks and sucking thumbs. They were made by Russ USA and called, "Baby Joy". They have loops at the top to hang them from a mobile in a crib or a pram.

I wanted to talk more about this lovely Naisho Memo book I got. I honestly, was shocked to win this. As I mentioned in an earlier post I won this book and a Macoto address book. I guess no one else from the usual bidders I have to wrestle with to get this saw them...good for me, I must admit! This one is very special to me because it yields some childhood memories.

This memo book is practically new, it still had its front flap. Inside it has a tiny memo notebook, planner or calendar card, rose decor card, and an extra card. It has a lovely pink vinyl floral shaped mirror attached by a chain. All the artwork on it reminds me of Venice, Charm, or Macoto style art.

The front and back sides of the memo book.

The notebook above front flap, and back flap. More lovely charm girl artwork! This one is special to me because when I was in 3rd grade there was a girl that had just moved to our island, I am guessing military dependent, and her and I became good friends. One day she brought to school a vinyl anime pencil case and in it was a similar book above. I asked her if I could trade something I had at home for the memo book and that day, she said "Yes". I brought a doll, some comics books, and another cute anime pencil case for her to choose from. She took 2 items home and promised to bring the memo to me the next day. The next day turned into a week, then a month. She was constantly absent, and when she did come back to class. She ignored me. I was devastated. I never got the memo book and my treasured items were never returned. Our parents even met about the whole ordeal, but it was too late-_-; Well, I will end with a happier note...being able to find these lovely treasures again, hold them in my hands and keep some for a time, makes up for that moment. I may not keep all my treasures for long, but I also hope that they make someone else just as happy as they do me!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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