Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm Back on Island!!

The past few days I was stateside in WA. I left last week Wednesday, so that I could bring my Dad back to Guam for my mother's 1st Anniversary Rosary. It was a nice short, but short trip. While I was away, some items arrived in the mail and today, I was busy getting sold items mailed out and taking pics of the new stuff that arrived. It feels good to be back home!
 My new items from Japan. Mostly for me though...from left to right: Yukiko Tani makeup container, cost me a lot for this one...eek! A cute Rose of Versailles Shoe bag, Dolly dresser for the shop, Himeko pendant, pink music box, Cute Notebook, and a vintage apron!
 Went through a bidding war for this one. Quite expensive for my taste, but so lovely to look at. Yukiko Tani's artwork just amazes me...she makes her anime girls look so realistic!
Lovely Madeline Painting Notebook on the bottom. I just couldn't pass up. I love the large face and eyes, a very unique style notebook I must say. Then, I also found another Himeko style jewelry this one is a pendant in silver. I will have to take pics of both side by side later on.

It feels nice to be home and back to the swing of things too! Thanks for reading. - ggsdolls

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