Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This Week's Arrivals from Japan!

Whoa, it's been nice to be able to buy a bit more via Japan auctions then the last year or so! I've been mostly, buying anime items like pencil cases, tins, etc. Not really anything dolly related these days-_-; Oh well, on to the goodies!!

Many lovely anime bags! This shipment, had a Lot of bags. Seriously, a Lot...Hehe! I won two separate lots of one set of 3 bags, and one set of 5 bags. Some of the bags I've had before in my shop, like the pink mylene bag, and the Masako W. bags. My fave is the cream colored with red Scarlet Sketch bag with amazing artwork on it. Truly dreamy and I love the combination of cream and red! I also won a vintage colored pencils tin with "Ashita no Joe" or "Tomorrow's Joe" anime manga on it. The guy is a cutie! Most have been listed in my shop, two items are for my collection!

New addition to my pencil tin collection. Lovely anime artwork of the boxer, Joe, above!

The anime girl above is lovely with her green scarf and pink blouse. I was lucky to win this one^_~ Definitely a keeper!!

I am slowly downsizing my doll collection...just keeping a small few if that is even possible^_~ Thanks for reading as always! - ggsdolls

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