Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vintage Blossoming Water Flower and More...

I finally was able to order a vintage blossoming water flower thru HeyYoYo on etsy! I was always intrigued by them and at the same time it was always sold out. We got it in the mail today along with a cute Hostess cupcake container, I just couldn't pass up!

Above the cupcake by Hostess, very cute container for secret stuff, etc. and The lovely blossoming water plant. We just couldn't wait to try out!!

Here's the description: This is an all time Japan classic. Japan exported several styles of water flower novelties. It was one of the first Penny Toys that they made after the war. Several versions were made right up into the early 1960’s. This is a version made in the early 1950’s. You remove the wax paper envelope and drop it into a glass of water. Over a short period of time, usually about 5 minutes, they expand and blossom right before your eyes into a beautiful, colorful bouquet of flowers. Fun to watch!

Water flowers are delicately hand made from sea sponge and rice paper and wire. They are compressed between glass and dried in the sun. They are squeezed down to about 10% of their fully developed size. When they are immersed in water, they slowly swell up and open into large vivid multicolored flowers. It is intriguing to observe the slow, expanding growing action. These flowers are made around a fine vertical wire embedded in a small stone pot. They are 4 ½ inches high. When they bloom, they fill a glass of water with a stunning bush of green foliage with spectacular flowers. Perfect Condition.

We tried to find a clear container, so we could make it last forever, no such this glass was all we could find. Still we loved the colors and the way the air bubbles just sat on each of the flowers as it soaked up the water!

So dreamy to look at! You can see the air bubbles sitting on the blue carnation. This reminds me of those flower decor sealed in acrylic glass that you could look at as a paper weight or light bulb from the 60's and 70's!

Also, my sweet Jenny wearing a Crissy vintage mod copycat fashion I won thru ebay. Looks really nice on her!

Thanks for reading this post! - ggsdolls