Thursday, April 5, 2012

What's in this week!

Yesterday, I received a lovely wig I bought thru ebay made by Dollheart. I wish they had this same wig for my Mini DD, but sadly the largest size would only fit my Abielle. So below, is what she looks like with the new wig. I love it! The style is very much a mod style and she looks cute in it too!

Then, I also received today some items from Japan!

This lovely large Macoto style art bag, another shoe bag with artwork by Cheiko Hosokawa, a shitajiki or overlay card with a retro stewardess on it. Another Janica TV music box in dark wood look, a Lot of 3 boots, a retro cute panda, and a Lot of miniature Glico dresser, lunch box, and desk! Most will be added to the shop, and some will not be for sale.

Tiny little Glico candy toys above. I love the dresser with the tiny brush. My daughter already claimed the other two items-_-;

This amazing art bag, with art work that looks very much like Macoto's but there is no signature, instead it says Sanjuki Designs and the tag says Nissan. So I am guessing it is a copycat? Still a lovely bag!

This lovely Janica TV I found a week after receiving the white one. I figured I would lose out, but instead I won it. I love the flower on this one, but sadly the silver needs repainting, and the knob is a bit loose. This one plays "Swan Lake".

Finally, I received this amazing felt cake jewelry box made on etsy by Fiordineve. This lovely felt cake looks delicious in every way with its decadent chocolates, strawberries, kiwi, berries, bananas, and cookies. But it's all made of felt! I just fell in love with one I had seen on Atomaru's blog. I found Yuki's shop and had her custom make this one for me to have 2 tiers! Still these cakes are quite amazing and so cute too!

The little slice you see next to the cake is a miniature chocolate cake Yuki sent me as a gift!! Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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