Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Items that arrived today...

It's been really busy, but I am glad that these items arrived today, so I am able to place them in the shop! Check out what came in this week!

I won this lovely Chieko Hosokawa shoe bag, another vintage doll closet, this cute kewpie style soft baby doll, a set of colored pencils with a cute pose dolly box! The cute anime girl colored pencil tin, a rubber ducky with rattle ball, a set of boy and girl squeak toys, and finally, a set of Doggie trinket boxes or containers like Ayumi Uyama cute!!

This lovely Chiyoko H. colored pencil tin, a bit newer than my usual finds, but I still love the anime girl and kitty. The pencils were unused.

These cute retro plush doggie containers are just too cute. I am having a hard time letting go of them! Great for trinkets and such!

This precious kewpie soft baby doll, came with a lot of squeak toys you see above. I just love that he is able to lay on his belly!

Most have been added to the shop with the exception of the pencil tin. Thanks for reading!
- ggsdolls

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