Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dolly Basket Purses I made Kawaii!!

I have become smitten by these cute kitschy vintage plastic suitcases, purses and now, baskets! They have inspired me to create even more adorable accessories for your lovely dolly!

Above cute vintage plastic basket bags, stacked in different colors. They even have a latch to lock in place for easy carry!

While doing my usual searches for vintage doll suitcases or purses I came across these amazing basket bags. Then, I realized that I had already owned 2 which were given to me by a dear sweet friend when we were doing a swap! I try to incorporate these cute vintage accessories when doing photo shoots with my dolls outdoors, as seen in some previous postings. But then and idea came to me and I decided to get some cute cabochons that are used in many cute jewelry and other cutesy things and decorate these vintage basket bags with them...and low and behold! I found myself creating some amazing stylish basket bags for your dolly's complete look!

Above, my completed bags with some cute, bow and mod styles, and fruity cute looks!

I know as with any doll owner, who loves dressing and redressing your dolls... bags, purses, etc. just add to a scene or look you are trying to create! I hope to have a few of these basket bags added to my shop soon. Hopefully, when I return from my short trip stateside! Please be sure to keep an eye out for them when the shop is open!

Baekdan modeling the the bags! A closeup of one of my fave mod bag! So cute!

Thanks for reading today's post! - ggsdolls

PS: As for the "Hello Cutie" book giveaway. I will extend the giveaway til' early November! I will announce the winner by November 10th! So don't forget to comment on my posts, this gives you more chances to win a free copy of Pamela's book!!


  1. I can't believe those basket bags are vintage, they look so new and vibrant!
    Your description makes them so tempting I swear. XD
    They *kinda* remind me of a bed cradle I found recently at a vintage toy shop near where I live, the same vibrant colours and also similar pattern to the plastic grid.

    1. Awe, thank you so much dear. I truly appreciate it. I just love the colors too! Sometimes when I describe things it makes me wanna kept them!! LOL, gg

    2. Awww... </3 I've told you before, you are simply great at describing toys. You make them even more drool worthy, lol!

    3. LOL, much love dear friend! hugs, gg