Saturday, October 27, 2012

Going thru items in the mail...

 I came home to a stack of boxes, and one really large one from Japan! Yay, some goodies came in that I was hoping would be waiting at home for me when I got back!! Above, Nakajima Seisakusho doll apartment house, cute Lot of Takara Little Love sets/Pico, some cute anime girl items to add to my shop too!!

 I also got a small packet with some anime girl coin wallets, and more Asari-chan dolls for a friend!

 My lovely very expensive Takara Little Love miniature toy sets! Some will be in my collection and some will be going to new homes...

Miniature student desk, so cute and tiny. Has little books, and pencil holder too!

The main reason I wanted this set!! The cute little guitar! Nicely made and heavy, not plastic! I will be adding some of the sets to my shop soon, others will not be for sale...

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. If the guitar's not plastic, what is it made of?? o__O

    1. Hi dear, I guess its part metal, cause it's heavy, and the top half with the white and design is plastic. I will have to take a backside pic for you to see!? hugs, gg

    2. Oh absolutely! (part metal wow..) I saw your dolly holding it, so cute!
      These dolls must be smaller than usual, it must be hard to find clothes/accessories their size.

    3. Actually dear, the guitar is small maybe for a 1/12th scale doll, but the other items are for 1/6 like Barbie,etc. The desk thought is much smaller, maybe like 1/16 or 1/18 scale?!

    4. Sigh, so hard to find accessories/furniture just the right size... I can't wait to see more photo sessions with your dolls. ^^

    5. thanks dear friend, me too!