Friday, October 26, 2012

On Vacation...

I traveled thru Narita Airport, then onto Seattle, Wa. I spent a short week there visiting my Sister and her lovely family for a bit. So, here are a few pics, I wanted to share with you from the trip!

 Yummy Lotte Strawberry Chocolate Chip Monaka! At 120yen it was so yummy! We spotted it when we were on our way to our gate in a vending machine.

 We had a 7 hour layover in the Narita, Japan. I was checking out all the shops, and got some gashapon toys for my girls!!

 Sara and I enjoyed every bite!! She kept telling me she wanted to get more!

 When I got to WA. Tadie was in her case and ready to get out and play!

Here she is again, happy to be out of my purse! Posing on my suitcase, at my sister's apt. It was already really cold and wet there, but luckily, I was ready for the weather!!LOL!

 Cute Rilakkuma cell phone pouch, and cute scented pillow! I did some shopping when I was in WA for things we needed at home...I just hate when it all goes so fast...oh well. I enjoyed ever minute of it!!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. Your daughter, so cute! <3 I love the composition with the monaka in the foreground and her in the background, now I'm drooling like crazy. XD

    1. Thanks dear Eleni! Oh, that is the carpet at the Narita Airport! hugs, gg

    2. Ah sorry, I meant the pic with both her and the monaka in it hehe! ^^ So tell me, this monaka thing is part waffle part ice cream?