Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Amazing packages After Christmas Arrive!!

I was waiting for all these amazing goodies to arrive to me before Christmas, still, it was like opening presents on Christmas day all over again!! So, I shouldn't complain...LOL!

Here's what came in for me!!

 A new addition to my bear ornament collection. The girl bear on the far right, came from a Lot of ornaments I won thru ebay! She is not quite like the other two as you can see from her feet, but still a lovely addition!
These two ornaments came with the girl bear and I will definitely be keeping them too! My favorite is the cute duck! I have not seen him before!?

 The cute doggie ornaments above, I found thru etsy! I just couldn't resist their look either! Great additions to my growing ornament collection!

Look at these amazing baby bunkas, above and below that I've acquired also thru etsy! These cuties are even more adorable in person!! Yes, as you can see I have gone over the deep end with collecting vintage Japan Christmas ornaments, as of late! 0.0

Below, a quite large, but too adorable to pass up, is a 1960s rubber mod boy figure. Also found thru etsy! His hat can come off to reveal that his hairline is reseeding poor boy!

 Another amazing find, is this Herman Pecker doll is nice and mint and still has her original tag, below! from etsy!

 A sweet gift from a dear friend all the way in Germany! Lovely, "Where the wild things are" accessory set! I loved the movie and to received such a sweet gift makes my heart skip a beat!! Thanks dear Gregg!

Then, I also got my dolly swap from Boopsiedaisy/sweet Missy!

 She wanted a lovely doll I had in my etsy shop and last year or so we decided to do a swap. But we were both so busy, we finally, were able to get our swaps out in the mail this time. I am so thrilled we did!!

 I am not one to do swaps often, but I must say, this is truly one of the best! Missy wrapped my dolly so sweetly, and even gave a lot of extra attention and goodies!

 I've been wanting one of her bunny dolls for some time now, and I must admit the doll is truly amazing! She did an extraordinary job on her! I love her to bits! She even smells of berries or is it lavender... She filled my bedroom with a lovely scent!! I am just amazed by this doll, and now, I want to adopt more of her dollies sometime in the future!!

My poofsie bunny looks just like Missy's brightly colored dollies/toy photos! It's as if Poofsie jumped right out of one of her prints!! Whoa! I hope you had a great Christmas too!

Thanks so much for reading! - ggsdolls

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