Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ho Hum, Ugh!

LOL, haven't posted in a few days...sorry. Just been a little 'under the weather' so to say. It's been kinda busy with trying to get gifts and things mostly online for the kids. But so much is going on that mail has been really slow this year.

Usually when I do my shopping early. I get them in early, but I guess with the strike at a port in California, and now with cargo on Guam having issues, the mail is even slower than usual and so early for it too-_-; Sorry for the rant...

I finally had some items come in by Thursday last week, which usually takes about 5 days or less. But I am glad it came in...

 I discovered these cute little Arby's meal toys called Mr & Miss from the 80's. In early November. Above purple one is called Miss Naughty, and Mr Late. Cute additions to my rubber doll/toy collection!

 This smile snap keychain pinocchio is just too adorable. The Disney version, I had to get one after seeing a fellow flickr friend's version here! How can you resist!!?

 I also received a lovely packet from Oayt. Which included some lovely items I ordered from her for my aram dolls and Tadie. I hope to take more pics of the pieces that came in. So, just a little teaser below!

 Tadie in Oayt's aram size cardigan in yellow with lovely flower decor. You can find Oayt's lovely dolly fashions here! Just fm her and ask!

The girls are wearing sweet pea's pastel fashions above. I got them some time ago and just forgot to share. I am just loving their colors on them!

Hopefully more to share soon, as the items arrive! Thanks for reading. - ggsdolls

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