Friday, December 14, 2012

In Today's Mail!

It's really gotten so bad with the mail system this week. I only received some items on Monday, and Now, Friday! Usually, I get my items from Japan within 5 days! But I guess with the holidays and such, it has gotten really slow...I am assuming it is customs, and they are taking a bit longer to scan thru-_-;

Anywho, I got one box today from YJA! So, I just had to rant...

 The box had only 2 items in it. This box actually came before the first one, I had sent, which has more items in it?! Weird...oh well... I got this lovely Cheiko Hosokawa backpack for the shop. It has already been listed! Then, recently, I was smitten by a Mirai Suenaga figma series figure. I've seen her on flickr before, but I wanted her even more so for the tiny doll she holds of herself!! So, I got this one via YJA, and she was a lot less than what you find on ebay-_-; eek!

 Mirai comes with an extra faceplate, her laptop, camera hand, closed hands, hanky holding hand, and tiny dolly! Not to forget to mention her stand.

 I've had the Mirai S. app on my ipad since finding her back in July. She is so cute. I can't wait for the version where she speaks. It's nice to have an anime girl when ever I check the time!

 Above, the small ball-jointed Mirai that Mirai holds! LOL! I just think she is the sweetest little thing!
Now, I can use her in my photo shoots as a prop!

 Mirai figma holding her tiny doll! I need an outdoor shot...later on...LOL!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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