Saturday, December 15, 2012

More mail Today! Yay!

Finally, things are somewhat back to normal. I received a larger box from Japan today. This one, I had sent out first, before, Yesterday's box...weird, how this one came a day later?! Oh well, here's what came in! I included some items I got thru ebay too!

 Above I got this Lot of 2 bear ornaments from the bay. I wanted the girl bear of course. So now, I have 2 boys and 1 girl bear! LOL. Yes, my ornament collection is growing fast!

Then, I also got this cute small Snap-eeze toy of Disney's Bambi! I was curious about them, when a fellow flickr friend, had some up for sale thru her etsy shop. I got this one thru ebay! I've never heard of them before and they are just to cute and amazing to pass up!

The backside of the box, shows off the other characters you can find! I didn't realize how small these things were, til' Bambi came in!! He will make a great prop in my photo shoots!?

 Now, for my box from Japan... Above, you see the Licca small toy sets, sadly, only 3 were left in the Lot-_-; still, they are cute and remind me a lot of the small Licca candy toys, you would find at local food stores. I also found another Abu-chan in her tub, she is so cute and has been added to the shop!

I couldn't help but get myself a set of those cute/kawaii rubber babies in yellow and orange. Too hard to resist! Then, to my surprise I found more Asari-chan dolls! These two are a lot different from the first set I got! They look more 70's style to me!

 Kawaii rubber baby dolls or squeak toys. I've been eyeballing them since last year, and only now, got myself a pair!

 My second set of the Asari-chan dolls. The one the the left, has more of a kewpie style face, and the other looks just a bit different from my first set! I can't wait to dress them up and take pics, side by side with the others!!

 And now a closer look at the Licca Glico-style toys sets. This lot came with 3 sets unopened, all the others were sold or missing, I suppose? I just couldn't help but, get them! I remember something similar to them as a child, when I used to go to the local food store, and buy those Glico candy boxes, but these had Licca's face on them. I'd hope I was getting the toys, that you'd see on the front of the box! But usually I didn't, and I'd wish my mother would go back to that store and buy me more boxes! I didn't care for the candies, gum or chocolates in them, I just wanted the tiny toys!!

 A little wine or bar cabinet for Licca!? I thought she was too young to drink!!?LOL!

 These sets measure less than 3 inches tall. This one above is Licca's washer and dryer set with basket, detergent, and fabric softener!
 Finally, this set is Licca's desk set, comes with lamp, chair, and desk with a drawer that actually comes out! They will be nice props for tiny dolls!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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