Saturday, December 1, 2012

New/Old Small Dollies arrive!

I was able to get some interesting dolls via ebay and they arrived to me today! So of course, I couldn't wait to take pics and share with you a bit more about them!

Below: I've seen this particular doll before and there were 2 dolls from the same seller. Both were NRFB, but the one in a raincoat, didn't quite 'call my name', but the other with her lovely pale blonde locks and blue eyeshadow, I just couldn't resist!

 Gina arrived with a crushed outer box, literally! I was worried she was crushed herself, but when i opened the box, her box was in tact. Sadly, her cello was already ripped at the left hand, and inside mold and mildew had settled in. I just had to hurry and take her out from that existence! LOL...

 Gina is a "Playmates" doll #5096, and the markings, 'made in Hong Kong'. I've seen some playmate variations. But this one, I must say, is one of the cutest one's.

 She has amazing hair and her dress is nice and mint. Her eyes are reminiscent of the 1960s style. She stands only at 8 1/2 inches tall. A lovely mod little dolly.

I also got this sweet girl above. Her name is 'Happy Haley'. She is about the same size as Susie Sad Eyes, around 8 inches tall. In her original dress and hat. I had to add another snap, and sew part of her dress. She came loose, and didn't come with shoes, but I found a pair of Heidi shoes that fit her perfectly. I've seen some Haley dolls, and always wanted to see one up close. She is sweet and I am still deciding if she will stay in my collection or not?

Lately, I've been mostly looking out for odd, not as popular dolls that I can find for cheap...So far, its been interesting what I've uncovered thru ebay and etsy!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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