Saturday, December 22, 2012

Presents from Japan!!

I got a small packet from Japan today, and the 2 contents inside were gifts for myself! An early Merry Christmas to me...LOL!

So, here's what I got!!

 I was able to snag this cute Scarlet Hi-Look Furniture Dresser. No other bidders and usually priced very high...I was able to get it, and the dresser will be a part of my jewelry box collection! I also got this cute mint in box, Glook! Yup, a Glook! Some call them a Gonk. But these were from the 70s made in England as cute monsters/creatures for children and adults. Some say they were as popular as "The Beatles"!! I wouldn't know, I was too young back then!

 This vintage furry monster, I discovered a few weeks ago and believe it or not, found him on Yahoo Japan auctions as well. He was however quite expensive...eeek! But at least I found one...even in Japan today they are sought after!

 His box is well worn, but inside he is a grey fluff monster. I love his red eyes, and yellow nose. I've been wanting to find one since seeing them. But, they are very hard to find. -_-;

However if you want something close enough to him, here is an etsy seller who makes some similar to them, but her's are called, "Coodles" and they are just as cute and small!!

 The lovely Scarlet dresser, had everything well packed for travel to Guam. The furniture set comes with this adorable gingham red and white vinyl stool, and red phone. I am planning to use it as a jewelry box instead of a dolly dresser! All plastic, it is so cute and the mirror is adjustable too! Neat! There are 4 compartments to keep things in!

The red phone above, when I'm ready to store everything away, the phone can be placed inside one of the drawers and the stool fits nicely into the large cabinet section. Definitely a keeper! I was putting the drawers back inside, and the second drawer had a hard time closing, to my surprise what a white glove at the back of the dresser...probably belonged to Scarlet? Who knows! Wild huh?!

Yup, hope your holidays is as bright and lovely as mine! Thanks for reading... - ggsdolls

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