Monday, December 31, 2012

Small Packet from Japan, just in time for New Year's!

My last box for 2012! I received it just before my family and I decided to go see "The Hobbit" in 3D in theaters!

I knew what was in the box, even though Taby kept asking, "Mom what's in the box?!" LOL!
After the film we did a lot of walking around the mall and a bit of shopping too! When we finally got home, I opened the box and here's what was inside!!

 Just before the holiday, I decided to have this box sent out. Inside, I had just the 2 items you see above. A Retro bunny toy. that drums, and another figma figure of Mirai Suenaga. I decided that if any of my girls wanted the bunny, I would keep it instead of adding it to the shop. I won it so cheap, that I didn't mind if we kept it! As for the figma doll, both my daughters wanted mine...ugh. So I was able to win another via Yahoo Japan, and for even less than what I paid for mine! LOL!

Above, I also took some video so you can see what this cute retro bunny can do. I've seen some of these type of toys mostly on TV, but to find one and have it in my hands, was cool. Seeing and hearing it play was a treat all on its on!

We had a wonderful New Year's Eve! I hope you all did too! Life has its ups and downs, but I must say, all the good out-weighs the bad, thank goodness! Many continued blessings to you all and thank you for reading!

- ggsdolls