Saturday, July 13, 2013

Back in the Philippines!

Yup, we are back here and if you don't know why here is an update on this page!! We arrived in the PI last week Thursday evening and instead of Global City we are in Makati and my husband will be having surgery at Makati Medical Center.

 We are actually in another area of Metro Manila. Our hotel is the Prince Plaza II right next door to the Greenbelt Mall and about a 10minute drive to Makati Med. Center. His initial appt. wasn't until Saturday, so, we decided to do a walking tour thru Greenbelt Mall.

 From our 9th floor Hotel rm. Very busy here! Below are some pics of our hotel room.

 Yes, that is a painting or photo of Maryjane, above the bed. The room was a lot smaller than our last one, but at least we have a kitchenette and we were within walking distance to a mall so we could explore!!
 Not too bad...

 At the Greenbelt Mall there are 5 areas you can check out for shopping, mostly housing upscale clothing, purses, etc. This mall had a lovely park area and artwork throughout the grounds!

 Another shot my husband took from the 2nd floor overlooking the park area. By Saturday evening we decided to eat at a restaurant in the mall. Below Thai style burger and fries, along with vegetable spring rolls.

 Our dessert, a coconut, tapioca, pudding with lychee fruit. Nice, warm and delicious!
Below a young mango cheesecake. The mango was so tart, but delicious! We were told it was a popular dessert!
My husband will have the surgery on Tuesday and we will stay here for a bit longer til' he is able to be cleared of any infections afterwards. I will try to post more pics of our drive we took on Sunday...

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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