Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Small Box from Japan!!

Yup, I was able to get another small box shipped to me! Sometimes coming back from a vacation leaves one with some funds to play with!! As long as I don't go overboard with spending abroad!!LOL

 These are some goodies I won while during my trip! A set of two memo pads with cute retro girl anime art on it, a Lot of Glico dressers, and another doll to add to my collection!!

 These lovely Glico dressers above, I mainly wanted the red flower with white center, because it is the same dresser a dear friend SuperJunk has on her stream here, but hers is red with white flower mirror! I fell in love with her tiny Glico finds long ago and have been wanting to find them for myself ever since!! Me finding one felt truly amazing! I will see if I can add it to the Loft?!

 This Lot of cute anime retro girls was with no bidders, I won. An amazing find for the quality and colors! I have already added them to the shop for a lucky buyer!

 Gorgeous anime girl with big eyes above! Blowing bubbles! These memos are by "Swimmer" I believe. It says "Seika" at the back.

 I love this one above more so. Her big eyes remind me of Makoto style anime art! She's so sweet and precious!

 Then, this item above. I could not wait to get! The box is cute, but does not belong to the doll. I actually won a loose Mini Moko chan Mama Chapp doll! I was so thrilled when I saw her up for auction, because I've in love with a fellow flickr friend Puppy52s, sweet Ebichu here! I love seeing Chun's flickr photos of her adventures with Ebichu! I just had to find one for myself and I did!

 Moko chan above comes with her extra parts and original dress as well. She is so cute and tiny. I must say a very well deserved investment! I can't wait to have her try on some Heidi clothing or Kelly clothing to see what she can fit!!

She stands on her own and is just too cute in her school uniform! Now, Moko chan adventures begin!!LOL

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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