Friday, October 4, 2013

Finally, Looking at My Mini Dollhouse Furniture from Hong Kong!!

Today, I finally decided to open the packages of mini dollhouse furniture made in Hong Kong, but purchased thru Yahoo Japan!!LOL Crazy!
 I took all of the furnishings out of the packaging and too my surprise, they were a lot smaller, then I thought, when I placed them into the Ben Holiday House! If I added more of the furniture it might fill up the room better, but I didn't want the house to be a Victorian style house with its period furnishings.
 So, I decided to just look at it and take a pic or two, for reference...

 I initially thought that the Hong Kong chairs from the mini sets were one in the same with the lot of Glico chairs I won a while back! But, nope, they were not the same, as you can see above! So, this just confirms that the chairs were made by Glico...
 I also worked on the tiny Glico TV in red above and opened it up and placed another anime girl sticker. This tv is a lot smaller than the other...We will have to see if it will look nice in the living room?!
 Then, I also received this lovely mint and complete dollhouse furniture bedroom set from ebay! Yay, now my sets are complete!
I opened the box and to my surprise the furniture was not glued down like the earlier sets I got! In fact, these were just stapled down with a plastic barrier to protect the chairs and table. The only things I found held down were the dresser, stool, and cabinet with a double stick tape!

 So, I took out most of the furnishings in the house and placed the Bedroom set inside to see what it would look like. The set fit nicely, and looked a lot better than the other beds I've used!

 I placed the table and chairs on the roof... The tiny pitchers from the Hong Kong set were a nice addition to the table above!

 Now, the rooftop looks like a mini cafe' or outdoor restaurant!

 Above, I did however use the bathroom set and added a wall to separate that from the bedroom area. Still it is period looking...but at least now, Mirai has a bathroom with a tub!

 The bedroom from behind the wall...

...and Mirai above being waited on by the minion! LOL!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls