Monday, October 28, 2013

Inside the Japan Plastic Dollhouse, etc.

Over the weekend I had a chance to rearrange and fix the 1/30 scale dollhouse. Instead I made it a one story and left the roof off for the time being as I decorated the inside. I also received some rement to use inside the dollhouse!
 The rement I used is a bit smaller than 1/12 scale. It was a bit large for the house, but still worked nicely for some of the pieces!
 Now, the house looks more like a Japanese period home, then before. I did, however, leave some of the more modern pieces, til' I can find something more suitable later on...?

 The kitchen area with fridge. The furniture in here is also made in Japan!
 The Dining area below. I used Petite Princess coffee table and more of the made in Japan cabinets.

 Rement dresser and stool below...
 Then, I also received in the mail this cute dolly head from etsy! It's somewhat large, might need a large dolly body...It was cheap and I just had to get one since it was quite unique!

Thru ebay, I won this lovely Froebel Kan Co. Ltd. book below, really cheap too! I just had to get it, because it showcases some cute made in Japan dolls and toys I've seen thru Yahoo Japan!!

 Spam pics of the board book below...

Finally, I got this from ebay as well, a Holly Hobbie fashion for Makochan to try!!? We'll see if she fits it!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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