Thursday, October 17, 2013

New/Old Ad Plastic Dollhouse Showa Era from Japan!!

Oh my goodness! I was so thrilled to receive this amazing vintage Japanese plastic dollhouse. I am guessing the name is AD, its all in Japanese and even when I translated it, this is all it said,"Ad Plastic Deruhausu also" in Japanese, "アド プラスチック もデルハウス".

I actually won this thru Yahoo Japan and spent quite a bit of money for it. I just couldn't help it. All I saw was retro house and 1/30 scale! I loved the way it looked and the fact that you could change it around if you wanted too! It can be a two-story house or one-story!
 The box above arrived in nice, mint, and unopened shape too! I opened it up and I only had the house and some rement I won inside!
 All the parts were still packaged and sealed inside, along with taped base panels.
 The instruction booklet and brochure above and below. I loved the scale and the kids looked like they had fun making it!
 There were other style homes as well. This must have been released in the late 60's or 70's? The style of the vintage Japanese homes are amazing and so intricate as well!
 Above the booklet showed how the parts are put together! Below, are the styles that were sold!

 There was even a building above! I am guessing that these homes were made for display with train sets?
 One of the first style houses I wanted to do! But ended up doing another!LOL!
 I started late in the afternoon and worked into mid evening Yesterday. It was long and somewhat hard to do. Of course the instructions were in Japanese so I just followed the illustrations. Some parts were easy to put on, but others were harder and pegs broke twice!! Ugh!
What the first floor looked like by the end of the evening! Below, I began working on it again and finished by mid morning! The house comes with flooring mats as well. The windows had so many parts to put together first before hand, whew! Then, the roof and some of the panels were hard to push into pegs...but I managed to get it done. I won't be able to change the house around too much as the pegs broke easily-_-; But we will see...
 Above and below, the front side of the house.
 Doors open, and windows slide open or shut...

 Side views. Inside is a staircase to the second floor!
 There are even doors inside you can open to look into another room! A bathroom area, etc. No furniture of course, but one can imagine or put something inside!! Hmmm, I wonder?!

 The backside of the house above and below...

 Sadly, it didn't come with trees as shown, or the gates and car...But, still it is an amazing set!
A close shot of the second floor inside. Has sliding doors to the other room and floor mats. I will add more soon!!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


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    1. Hi, I know what you mean. I've tried to locate more, but sadly, none have shown up since-_-; hugs, gg