Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Some Rement Goodies, Etc., from Japan!

I received a small box today and just couldn't wait to try out the goodies that came in!!

 Above, I won thru Yahoo Japan some small items...like a vintage Minna Nouchi plant set 1/12 scale. Hot Springs shoe cabinet set, Sapporo bathing lady, Attack No. 1 Figure, and Rement oranges set with basket!
 The 1/12 scale plants are a great addition. You can also put it together yourself. Sadly, the clay to place into the pots had hardened...but, no prob!
 Below, Attack No. 1 a vintage shoujo anime manga about volleyball. I got the boy figure thinking he might be a nice scale for the plastic dollhouse, but sadly, he was a bit too large for it-_-; I may add him to the shop!?
 I love his traditional school uniform!
 Below, by Takara "Hot Springs" collection. I found this set and wanted to see if it would work in the Plastic dollhouse and sure enough it is a lovely fit! So cute and tiny too!
 It comes with 3 shoes, an umbrella, soap, and scrubber. Just look at those super tiny Zori's!!

 Above, I just had to add them to the entrance of the house and below, in the main room. Some tiny people live there!
 The shoe cabinet was a nice touch in the entrance way...
 Then, I also got this cute bathing lady. My first thought was to add her into the bathroom of the Plastic dollhouse...but her base is rocks...hmmm?! I will have to figure that out later on...
 She has a pretty face and body. So tiny too! I need to find more period Japan furnishings etc. for this dollhouse! Notice the scrubber I placed into the bucket below!! LOL
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. She is so lovely.
    I think I would make a spa outside garden for her to soak in. Just add a little more stone around her and some small shrubs. Maybe a tiny robe laying across a stool or outside chair close by with thongs for her tiny feet.

    1. HI A,

      No kidding! Sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing! hugs, gg