Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bandai Christmas Diorama Kits!!

On New Year's Eve, I received from Yahoo Japan, two diorama kits I couldn't wait to put together with my daughters!! I actually won them before Christmas, at a nice price too! Sadly, I couldn't get them sent out til' after Christmas, and just before New Year. -_-;

Below, the two Bandai Konapun Christmas Diorama Kits, one that is "Santa's sleigh" and the second, a "Christmas Tree". The kits use a type of clay material, like icing, after you mix it, that you can squeeze out of a baggy to decorate the tree or sleigh.
 This was the first kit I saw above on auction, and then notice the same seller has another available and won both. There is a third kit, "Gingerbread House", but it had already sold, darn. These were vintage toys from a warehouse, not sure what year?. From the box, you can see there is a cute doll, little animal friends and the sleigh in a winter wonderland scene!
 The box included the ingredients for the clay mixture, along with measuring cups/spoons, small plastic bags, cutouts, 3 plastic trees, gold star, ornaments, and the sleigh. What I liked best, was the fact that it came with its own display case!
 Below, the little helper that rides the sleigh to help Santa with deliveries! She reminds me of Koeda-chan!!
 Everything was packaged and sealed, but I decided not to use the clay mixture to decorate with. I was afraid it would not take since it was old store stock...
 So, instead I used some textured card stock paper to glue onto the trees, and added some cotton, along with using permanent markers to decorate the reindeer.
 The diorama turned out just as lovely, and way less messy than if we had used the clay. It was so much fun to put together too!
 Below, the "Christmas Tree" kit.

 This kit was similar and came with the same things as the first kit, except there is no doll, just a mold to make a snowman, squirrel, and bunny animal friends. The tree was made of cutouts from styro-foam, and included plastic gates.
 I used the textured card stock paper for the tree, and it turned out just as lovely as the other diorama!
I borrowed the gift from the other scene, and also added a doll gift I had from a vintage doll fashion!

 Since I didn't use the clay material, I didn't make the tiny animal friends...still I am sure I could find little friends to include in it before next Christmas. I took the scenes apart and placed them into my storage containers for next year!! These kits were amazing and so much fun to put together!!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. She is “Little Memole”. Playset was released from Bandai in 1984. This is made by diverting the set.

    1. HI, thanks so much for the info. I don't collect Mamole items so I wasn't sure. Still the two sets are amazing and its nice to know the little character girls name! Much appreciated and hugs, gg

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    1. Hi Ania,

      No, I'm sorry they are not for sale dear. thank you for asking. Hugs, Gigi