Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Goodies from Japan!!

I received some goodies I won back in December!!

 My Yahoo Japan haul!! I Binned a few of them and three were regular auction bidding. I got this cute handmade deer, Hot Springs set miniature rement, Corona Custom heads, Megahouse school bag chair set, Konami Yukata set, a Yujin Lady walking miniature, and a Lot of Glico girl items!
 The Megahouse school set above, comes with a cute school bag I wanted for Charlotte, and just the right size for her too! Sadly, the chair is a bit small-_-; But one can use it elsewhere!!LOL

 This deer above is handmade by a seller in Japan for Pure Neemos! I wanted to use her in some scenes, but Taby wanted her more!! So, I guess I will have to borrow it from her!

 Another lot of Glico furniture...funny thing is, I figure I wouldn't win it, but ended up winning. So some will be added to my shop and some I will keep?!!

 Another Hot Springs miniature set, I wanted for my plastic dollhouse. I need to break out my Japan dollhouse to do a set up once all the major pieces are in!!

 A Yujin set that has a lady walking, and I love her vintage pilgrimage outfit and the stone Temple next to her. I got the one on the upper left! Just need to open it and set it up!LOL

 This lovely Sanshin also for my plastic dollhouse. I am obsessed with making it true to retro Japan era style home!! So, this was a nice scale size and addition to the plastic dollhouse! I've actually been wanting it for awhile, and the seller had it up for auction since October!! Wild!

 Next, this lovely Corona Wonder Festival 2011 Custom set of two heads for MMS bodies. I decided not to keep it, so, it will be added to my for sale page soon!! Only took it out for photos!!
 Lastly, this cute Yukata made for Konami MMS figures. I found this set cheap, usually they go for one hundred dollars plus!! It will be fun to put together and paint it. I can't wait to see it on Charlotte!!
 Backside. I will have to clean and trim the zories and fan, then paint them!! I see from the instructions, I will have to drill holes for the foot pegs to fit in too! Exciting! Definitely more about this soon!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. Oooh, what an awesome haul!!! I've never tried using YahooJapan.... I'm scared to see what wonders it might hold -_-

    1. LOL! Really?! I know if you do, you'd be hooked! I was hooked since 2001!! and I must admit I've found many of the dolls I've drooled over seeing in vintage doll books!! hugs, gg