Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It feels Refreshing and New!!

Gosh, so much is going on and so much to get done too! It's kinda crazy!! The past two days I've been working on this blog to have a for sale page, so that I can list other items I have in my collection that are not vintage, but more recent! Like books, Anime Figures, etc. With Etsy, we are not allowed to sell items that are recently made, unless we as a shop made them-_-; So, I'm hoping this will be sufficient?!! So, go check out my for sale page pleeease!!LOL

In other news...I received this lovely Vintage 1st Generation Licca Shop a few days ago. I found for someone who was looking for something similar, but sadly, they didn't want this one-_-;  So, I might keep it for myself! Maybe? ugh, the temptation!!
 MIB, this lovely shop kiosk, is missing all the accessories that came with it, but still has the price list and shelves. Nice and mint, I figured I could just add some of the accessories I already have in my collection!
 The shop showcased below on the box! I believe it is a shop for hair accessories?

 My take on the kiosk! I've added mostly, purses, jewelry, frames, and hair accessories. I have a similar decoration plant used here, from the flower shop in my collection!
 The register is Glico. I then also added some textured colored paper to each of the shelves! Still it turned out nice and simple.
 The top shelf has magnified windows all the way across, so that buyers can see the merch!!
 Even if this shop kiosk is missing all of its accessories, one could still find something to fill the shelves with!!LOL! Now, the shop is open^_~ (not really). I need to place both the flower cart and this kiosk side by side and do a photo shoot!!?

Then, I also received some 1/12 scale clothing for Azusa and Obitsu zoris for my Aram...
 Sadly, the top was too large for her, but I was able to sew the khaki capris and make them a bit smaller to fit her better!

 She loves to pose!!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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