Friday, January 31, 2014

My Lil' Fairy Ewnoe is Here!!

Oh my goodness! I was not expecting her so soon! But who cares! She's here!! I have been wanting one of these Lil' Fairy's since they were announced back in December!! I wanted Ewnoe the most of the three, but figured I should still try to get Lipu when she was released.

The sad part at the time, just as with many other collectors, was that I had missed out on Lipu's pre-order!! I was so busy that day and figured that I could place the order for her when I got home. So, when I went to Hobby Search to check on her, and mind you this was only 2pm the day she was to be released for pre-order, and it said, "Sold Out"!! Whaaat?! I was like its okay, I wanted Ewnoe...but I did want Lipu too, not as much, but at the same time I wanted to see what these Lil' fairies were like?! On a better note, I'm so glad to hear Azone Int. will re-release them! So for all you Lil' fairy lovers out there that might have missed out on your dream maid, good news, they've been hurry up to your nearest fave Japan shop online and get your orders in!! I know, I will have a Lipu come summer!!Whoopee!!

 Lil' Fairy Ewnoe above! Yippe, I also received some fliers and a catalog, how cute! Of course, I hurried and took her out of the box to check her out! There will be more spammage of her later on...It's lunch and I have to go feed my girls!! The real one's!LOL!
Bye for now! - ggsdolls

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