Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Blue Miniature Typewriter Found!!

I've been on the hunt for the same blue typewriter you see in one of my posts about Miner's Rooms in Miniature here! Finally, out of the blue, (so to speak!!LOL) I found one thru etsy just by accident!! I don't even recall what I was looking for that it showed up on google!? Now, I have 4 colors to choose from to use in my Miner's Rooms!
 Above, the package from etsy arrived to me safely today! The seller even included an extra gift, a miniature magazine! Nice!
 Finally, the blue typewriter! Similar to the others I have. It's funny how most are sold as Barbie accessories, but they are way too tiny for Barbie's hands to use!!LOL

Below, The back side of the typewriter has the letters "PK" encircled and 'Hong Kong'. The keys are just a sticker of the type letters.
 The platen is made of metal and movable. It slides left or right, but because its attached at the center to the base of the typewriter, its tricky to even bother placing a miniature piece of paper into it.

 Above, my miniature typewriter collection for the Miner's Rooms. The green is very different from the other three. Amazing 1960s pieces!! Funny, I learned how to use a typewriter in my Business Class in High School. Glad I took the class, but sad that these machines are obsolete!!

Below, some Bratz boyz clothing n accessories came in for Shiori. Some pieces fit, some are a bit short. I'll see if they are keepers?!!
 Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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