Sunday, April 6, 2014

Vintage Gumball Machine Ship in a Bottle!

I remember as a child always looking at the entrances at a store, where there would be 3 to 4 gumball machines lined up, to see what toys they had in them...  It was always right at the entrances or exits of grocery or department stores, begging you to stop, look, and seemingly call you to put a coin in for your chance at a toy displayed on the front of the machine...hmmm, the memories!

I can still recall all kinds of goodies displayed, a tiny doll, tiny cards, a cute necklace with a 'peace' sign, but getting exactly what you see on the front, wasn't always as easy! Today, I received one of those vintage gumball machine toys, a 'ship in a bottle'! This miniature I've seen on the front of those machines, but never in my life would I have thought to able to get one, and thru the internet!! LOL
 While doing my usual searches via online I found it thru etsy, here at Bibbi Lou's Bounty! Nicely, packed inside the Altoids tin you see above, the seller made sure this little treasure made it safely to me!!
 How awesome is this?! Ha, tiny little plastic or celluloid ship inside a plastic jug. This miniature would be awesome displayed in one of my vintage rooms or dollhouses! Now, to find a holder to display it on!!
 The bottle does not open, and with few if any scratches, it will look nice too. I need to find more vintage gumball machine goodies, that I can remember!!?

I also received a small packet from Yahoo Japan below...
 A 1/12 scale deer with antlers! Along with a Momoko dress for Flo...
 This cute dress, I need to find time to put on Flourite! I love the tiny drawstrings and beads at the ends...very nicely made and stylish!

 Such a cute deer, made by a seller in Japan. These creatures are great for display with Neemos, Blythe, etc. This one above, has her antlers and reminds me of the cute deer in the Christmas Classic, "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer." Remember Clarice?! A similar one I purchased, here. Though, I think it was made for 1/6 playscale and a calf, it ended up being Taby's. She wanted it for display with her Neemos!
Above, Shiori greets her new friend! Below Shiori tries out the cute Pico Neemo fashion I got last week. Very cute on her and I added an underskirt to she reads her manga book!
 Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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