Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Project! Miniature Manga Books!

Yup, you got it! I got those wooden open books for a reason, to create tiny 1/6 scale size manga books that your dolly's would love to have!! Since making one using the hello kitty rement into a "Peach Girl" manga for my 1/12 scale dolly here, I just had to figure a way to make more... So, I did and they will be added to the shop soon!!
 I started off with painting the sides of the wooden books a white wash acrylic paint. After they dried about a day later, I printed out some manga covers I found online. Some I have in my collection.
After cutting them I took the printed covers and inside pages and matched them to the books. I then, used Mod Podge and a paint brush, and glued them on. I waited at least an hour or so for each side to dry and did the next step. After the covers dried and the inside page, I then took a pencil and free hand drew in some lines to act as the other pages in the book, below.
 The finish product!
 "Attack on Titan" above, and vintage Shoujo, "Candy Candy" below!
 One of my fave manga collections is, "Chobits" below!

Inside page too!
 I also did "One Piece" and I can't forget to make more of "Peach Girl"!!

 My model below showcasing her manga book collection!
 Just a few of the books available below!! I will be making more and with other titles! If you have a particular manga you'd like done, just email me, info. is on my "For Sale" page or you can contact me thru my etsy shop here!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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