Thursday, September 18, 2014

Some Origami Fun!!

I just learned how to make this fun origami lotus flower! My daughter's crush loves lotus flowers, so we decided to find out how we could get one for him or make one!! Of course the cheapest way is always better!

I actually saw some examples via online... and below was my first attempt!
 It turned out lovely! I just need a bit more practice... I must say it was easy and fun if you have the patience! Then, I decided to use some of the cut-outs I printed out of the cute retro anime Prince and Princess...
 Above, I  printed them in two sets. One facing right and one left facing, glued them with the wire at the center and they are reversible! I recycled some trash wire ties to use as a stand, and anchor for them!
 The neat part is I can place a note inside the flower and use them as gifts for Birthdays, Graduations, Valentines, etc.! What fun!
 I made one with Odette and Sigfried, characters from 'Swan Lake' too! They kind of remind me of Thumbelina or those tiny fairies that live in flowers!

 I then tried, a cute Ballerina!
 ... And also what I call a 'Lotus Money Flower' Awesome for graduations and birthdays!! Similar to a money lei!! This one above is made of a total of $20, using $5s and $1s!!
 All the Lotus origami flowers I made so far!!
I must admit it does take time to perfect and sometimes these old fingers, don't wanna listen... But we had a blast! I hope her crush like his!?
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. They are beautiful! Really lovely.

    1. HI Hannah,

      Thanks dear so much! Many hugs, gg