Friday, September 12, 2014

Vintage Doll Advertisements in my Shop!

I updated my etsy shop as well and added many rare advertisements from my High Fashion Lina doll collection. I used them when I wrote my reference book here! So, be sure to check out my shop, I have many that I am letting go and they are truly rare and amazing for any doll collection!

 Above and below, some of my rare Takara 1968 High Fashion Lina ads. I got them from vintage Manga comic books like Margaret, etc. It was hard to search for, but I definitely needed them for my reference book. Now, that I've sold most of my Lina collection items, I am still finding others stored away in books, binders etc. like these rare ads! The ad above I've only found once, and they showcased Lina like a Christmas tree, so this one was featured in a Holiday manga!
Above, one of my fave ads for the mod dresses that Lina wore! The 3 mod dresses in the smaller photo of the ad, I've have yet to see, up for auction or otherwise!!?
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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