Saturday, November 29, 2014

Been Really Busy These Past Few Days!

Oh my goodness, its been really crazy busy these days. Today, I finally had time to go through my mail and see what came in!! So enjoy!
 I pre-ordered via Walmart, Studio Ghibli movie, "The Wind Rises."!! It arrived quickly to me and we can't wait to watch it!!
 I won these two cute vintage felt ornament pair of bears from ebay, thinking they'd be a great addition to my collection of felt bears ornaments!? But when they arrived to me, I was very surprised to find out that these are larger versions of the felt ornaments! At least 5 inches tall!
 Here they are above with my regular versions! So cute and so big! I hope to find more of these large sized ones for sure!!
 My pre-ordered Pure Neemo doll Ex Cute 10th Classic Alice Cheshire Cat Aika Poyo Mouth Version is here!! She is a lot larger than I expected as well. But I just couldn't resist seeing her in person!
 Then, I also did a pre-order of the Free! Haruka Nanase below! I couldn't help it, he was just to handsome to pass up! I can't wait to take him out of box and take some photos!! It's nice to have a boy in this size too!

 Oh my, so handsome!!

Finally, I received a Lot of Lotte Licca toy furniture sets. These sets are a bit different than my current collection. They must have been from a later series. Still all the sets are one's I don't currently own, whew!
 Above, the sets unopened and below after the opening and completion. The sets included a cabinet, piano, bookshelf, dresser, telephone, and Kotatsu table.
 The instructions for these sets, have Licca paper dolls you can set up with them!

My collection of the sets above and below...

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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