Friday, November 7, 2014

Lotte Licca Miniature Furniture Toys

While searching for more Glico girly toys, I came across a Japan website selling some Lotte Licca miniature furniture toy set! I was able to get my dear friend to order them for me, and they arrived! Yippee!
 I was able to order the last four set the seller had and for really cheap too! Three of the sets, I don't have in my collection. So, I will add the extra desk set to my shop soon! You can see my past post on this here!
 This kitchen set above, comes with frying pan and spatula. The oven door opens too!
 This lovely bed set is so cute! Has a shelf with a cabinet that opens, a pillow, a book, and a lamp that you can clip to the shelf! 
 This amazing Closet with dresser drawers! The top half can be taken apart.
 Inside, there is a mirror, with railing and hanger.
 All three sets together. I will have to take some pics of the sets I have so far!?
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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