Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Faller "A" Frame HO Scale House!

I was able to work on the HO scale house I got in the mail the other day!!
 The box was a bit crushed, but all the parts inside were fine. The instructions below, not so much. Very moldy, even makes me sneeze! Ah choo! I started to work on it, but then realized I didn't have the plastic styrene cement! Ugh!
 Then, realized when I looked in my tool kit, I did!! Yay! So, I started working on it right away...
 The front above and the backside of the house when I finished. It came with cardboard cutouts for the drapes on the windows and doors. But I decided not to use all of them, because I wanted to put the HO scale furniture I had inside!!
 I decided not to glue the roof completely on...
 A view from the front. Hard to believe its such a tiny house!?

 Inside the house above and below. I had to allow some light in so you can see the tiny furniture inside...

Then, I got mail today! Below a small packet from Yahoo Japan! A lot of small memo pads, etc.

 The largest memo of the group above and below, by Sachiko. Lovely retro girl anime!
 Below, a really tiny Pe Po Memo!

My favorite of the Lot, Yukiko Tani memo. I've often seen these memos. But they have always eluded me -_-; Finally, I won it in this lot!!
 Comes with a tiny pencil too! Has some writing inside, but still very nice! Some I will add to the shop, and some I have to decide on?!! LOL
Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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