Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Azone Fashions and more...

I decided to redress Aika and Heukdan in the latest blouses I got from Azone, through Hobby Search!!

 Aika is such a cutie with this love white top. I just love the design. Sadly, I don't have many skirts so she is just wearing her bloomers with it! LOL I added a Momoko knitted hat!
 Heukdan is wearing the black version of the same blouse! She fits it nicely too! I love her in a stripe pants, white socks and loafers!
 I really need to get some skirts!?

Then, I decided to add an image to the teeny tiny TV, I got from a Glico Lot, below!!
 Kozue is watching her favorite episode of "Cutey Honey", on her portable Television!!
 I was able to print out and glue a tiny image on the TV!! She also wanted to play with her roly poly doll! Then, I set up the Miner's Bedroom set for a quick photo sesh! Kazue wanted to watch on the bed...
 or on the chair...

 She's very much engrossed in the television series! LOL. The teeny tiny TV is not Glico, it doesn't have the usual markings of "グリコ" in Japanese. So, I'm not sure what set or where this TV is made from? I will have to research into it more... Updated, see below!!

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Updated: I finally, took out my Glico Toys reference books and sure enough the little television set is in there!! Yup, Here are some pics of my tv along with the versions that were released around 1958-1966!!
 These televisions didn't have the Glico markings. The black tv above, has the screen opposite side, of the one I own. Oh my goodness, I may have to see if I can take the screen face out and flip it?! Because according to the photo, its just placed in the wrong direction!! That's how I received it. The pages photographed are from two separate reference books.
 In this book, you can see several versions of the television, above and below.


  1. The shirts look super cute! You're going to make me regret not ordering them, hehe!

    1. HI dear! LOL, I just couldn't resist em' this time!! Many hugs, gg