Thursday, April 16, 2015

Another ADD Plastic Model House Found!!

I've been doing my usual searches and this time from a new bookmarked search I have, I found this amazing unopened 1/30 scale Kaken Shoji ADD Plastic Model House, similar to my first acquisition here! I was quite surprised, because this one has a car! Yippee!
 The box above, arrived quickly from my dear friend and contact in Japan! A bit tattered, but what I saw inside just blew me away!
 There's still the plastic covering! This set has not been opened up or used! Awesome!
 My first house was in baggies, and pieces were organized, but not like this!
 This house is a one story as compared to my larger two story house. It will have a blue roof too! Cool!
 This model came complete with car, and trees! The trees look a lot like cupcake trees, I've seen before!
 You can see the carport roof below! See through blue! It will match the blue roof. But from the photo, it looks better as a red roof! Ha!

 Above and below, the front of the box showcasing the one story house, carport and car...
 The box also came complete with instructions and booklet. The first set, didn't come with the instructions, just the booklet, but it was enough for me to follow and build my first house.

 What the completed house and carport will look like. I'm debating on whether to open the set or not?! It's so nice and pristine, I'd hate to open it, but I want to see the finished house!!? Decisions, decisions... LOL
 More on this house later!

I also received this lovely Blue Box 5pc. Dining set from etsy! It will fit into my Miner's Rooms! Can't wait to try it out?!
 Then, two pairs of Chichan dolls shoes in yellow and green. I am hoping it fits my vintage Tomy Linda?!
 Finally, the gatcha gatcha from Narita... She's funny isn't she!?
Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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