Monday, June 29, 2015

Heading Home!

We are finally headed back home... But while I was in WA, I've been enjoying a big helping of Crunchyroll!

Ao Haru Ride/ Blue Spring Ride by Lo Sakisaka

Has become one of my faves. 
Funny thing is I fell in love with the photo above, shared on Facebook by the Manga Fox group page. I saved it and it became my wallpaper on my iPad mini and iPhone! When we got to my sister's place I decided to look up the photos information...the rest is history!

A simple beautiful love story.
These two are the main characters, Kou and Futaba!
The end credits and the characters above...
Futaba and Kou. I'm on the last episode for this season! So, if you get a chance check it out and tell me what you think?

I'll be home soon!
Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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