Monday, June 8, 2015

On a trip!

In Narita, Japan! On our way stateside!

Sara playing in the kids area!

Yummy, yakisoba for lunch!

We found a "Kabuki" Store...

A cute anime hostess! Directing you to the cashier!

Just in front of the anime hostess! A Totoro display.

On our way to our gate... Ice cream vending machine.

We got strawberry and banana! Yummy!

My favorite game above, Gatcha Gatcha of One Piece!

We also met a famous band member from "Common Kings"!!
Bassist, Ivan. Popular on Guam for their island reggae!

Off to fly... - ggsdolls


  1. Hey Cynthia, hope you guys had an awesome trip!
    That anime hostess is so captivating, does she move like a robot?

    1. Hi dear Eleni,
      Thx dear so much! Lol no, she didn't move at all! -_- more like a mannequin... Pooh! Many hugs, gg