Monday, June 1, 2015

Trying Wigs on Kikipop!

Thanks to Bear Hung on Kikipop group facebook page!! She helped me become brave enough to take Honey Pink's wig off!! I was truly scared at first, because I didn't want to messed up the original wig or break my precious gal!!
 She mentioned that there was glue placed on the scalp to keep the wig from slipping off. I understand why, and it was definitely secured on there. But if you take your index finger and place it just above the ear area and slowing run your finger across carefully, it will help to pull the wig off the glue. At some points I did have to really pull with my index and thumb! But ever so carefully, that way you don't ruin the hem of the wig itself or pull out any hairs.
 Once the wig is off you can see the glue residue on the forehead and lower half of the scalp.
 You can see the line of the scalp, still not brave enough to open it up and see inside to the eye mechanism... maybe later?!

 I was so glad I kept some wigs from previous bjds I've owned in the past. Mind you, these are wigs, that I fell in love with and reminded myself not to sell them off, because they can be hard to find later on. Whew, lucky I did!! You can find most of these wigs still available through Monique's Trading Corp.!
 She is able to fit a size 8-9 wig, The banana curls above and below is one of my favorite wigs. A bit large, I tried the size 7-8 wig, but because Kikipop's head at the top is high, the wig cap doesn't reach down onto the forehead well or the nape of the neck. So, I will assume a 8-9 is a safer bet.

 Cute wig above, if she was wearing a Lolita style dress!
 Two other wigs above, I had in storage. They look cute, but it depends on the fashion she is wearing. The black hair wig is nice, but I don't want to chance it should it stain her scalp!! Still it is nice to see what can and can't fit her and what looks nice or not on her in general.

I do hope this helps future owners of Kikipop? If you already own an Asian Ball-jointed dolly of Dollfie Dream Doll and have a collection of size 8-9 wigs, then you can share those wigs with Kikipop too!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


  1. Many thanks,this was very helpful!I ordered a Kikipop today and I want to look for nice wigs!
    Best wishes,

    1. HI Petra,

      Glad I was able to help dear, and congrats on your new girl! Many hugs, gg

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Dear Miko, You are very welcome dear! I love your wigs! Many hugs, gg